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electrician in jaipur

Yours Engineer Home Solutions provides one shot solution for all service related problem. We provide highly skilled & trained electrician who are separated from several screening processes. Yours Engineer Home Solutions dedicated to provide best customer experience and quality of service in best price. Customer does not need worry about the quality of work all things catered by us.

Why Yours Engineer Home Solutions?

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or free rework
  • Highly trained and skilled technician
  • On time service delivery
  • Quality assured service
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Hassle free work

Services covered by our experts in electrician

  • New house wiring
  • False ceiling wiring
  • Repair house wiring
  • Mcb fuse repair
  • Socket, switch replacement
  • Tube light/ light installation
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • New switch board connection

Hiring guide for electrician in jaipur

If you have been searching for the Electrician who can fix Yours problem in a best way than you are in right place. We have an excellent and expert Electrician that can carry out any type of Electrician work, whether the project is a major one or a smaller one. Yours Engineer Home Solutions is one-shot solutions will fit Yours requirements aptly, by saving Yours time, money & trouble. Yours Engineer Home Solutions sends over experienced, & trend electricians for anything you need like setting up a new electrical point, installing lights, electrical maintenance service and even smart home solution service.

Just choose kind of service you are looking for after that what problems are you facing and schedule Yours time slot as Yours time is precious for us we will send you an expert Electrician accordingly. After that, they will quote the price and after completion of the work, you can pay either through offline or through online.

All About Services

    Working Procedure

  • Our expert handyman come to customers home and inspect the situation after analyzing the situation they will quote the price and if customer get agreed with the price work will get started by the Handyman. (Note:- Quotation price always will be standard).

    Service Inclusion

  • Price is shown for labour charge only.
  • General servicing includes issues identification and diagnosis only.
  • For any repair work, a quote will be given before proceeding.

    Service Exclusion

  • 50 rupees will be charged a convenience fee for material procurement (Timer will be paused during this period).
  • Customer is requested not to waste our service providers time for any unnecessary reason, if you do so it will cost you 100 Rs per hour
  • Yours Engineer Home Solutions will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks (reported by the technician), not handled due to customer refusal to repair the same.

    Terms Of Use

  • Yours Engineer Home Solutions does not supply any guarantee for materials used for the work as we tend to use it by clients choice and if any defect or failure of elements or materials happens customer shall be responsible for that.
  • Before the beginning the work Yours Engineer Home Solutions reserves the right to ask for advance payment to the clients of 20% (or such greater sum if so required) against the full Quotation on quoted Works.
  • Yours Engineer Home Solutions does not liable for defects ensuing from misuse, willful act, or faulty skill by the client or anyone operating for or beneath the direction of the client (other than us).

Electrician work Prices in jaipur

Segments Repair & Service Price
Switch & Socket AC Switchbox installation 299
Switchboard Installation (upto 6 Switches) 249
Switchboard Repair (upto 6 Switches) 119
Switch Socket Replacement 119
Lights CFL/LED Replacement (upto 5 bulb) 119
CFL/LED Bulb Holder Installation 119
Tube Light installation 149
Tube Light Replacement 199
MCB & Fuse Decorative Wall Light/Ceiling Light 149
3 Phase Changeover Switch Installation 299
Fuse Replacement 119
Single Pole MCB Installation 119
2 Pole MCB Installation 199
3 Pole MCB Installation 249
4 Pole MCB Installation 299
Sub Meter Installation 299
Small Wiring Internal Wiring (upto 5m) 199
Casing Wiring (upto 5m) 219
Wiring Without Casing (upto 5m) 149
Wiring with Jhiri Cutting (upto 5m) 449
inverter & Stabilizer Single Battery inverter Installation 399
Double Battery inverter Installation 499
inverter Fuse Repair 149
Inverter Servicing 249
stabilizer Installation 199
Fan & Cooler Wall Fan Installation 119
Exhaust Fan Installation 119
Normal Ceiling Fan Installation 119
Decorative Ceiling Fan Installation 299
Fan Replacement 199
Fan Un-installation 119
Ceiling Fan Regulator Replacement 119
Fan Capacitor Change 119
Window Cooler Installation 199
New House Wiring Internal Wiring 12/sqft
Casing Wiring 10/sqft
Wiring Without Casing 8/sqft
False Ceiling Wiring 15/sqft


    Why should I hire Yours Engineer Home Solutions professional Electrician?

  • We have a highly trained & professional Electrician who has at least 5+ years of experience and we don't provide service only but we change the perception and feeling along, If not free rework gets done.
      • How does Yours Engineer Home Solutions charge by the hour or the job?

      • Yours Engineer Home Solutions does not charge hourly we give you an estimated quotation for the complete project at a competitive price.
          • How soon Yours Electrician comes and fixes it for me?

          • We provide the quickest service in Chhattisgarh just in 90 min or depend on Yours desired schedule.
              • Would you be able to do big projects?

              • Absolutely yes. We have a team of experienced and highly trained Electricians who can fulfill Yours requirements aptly.
                  • What do you charge for Electrician Service?

                  • We provide a free estimated quotation on call only. But the exact rate depends on inspection or problem being faced.
                      • Does Yours Engineer Home Solutions Home Service offer competitive rates?

                      • We are recognized for giving the best service at the most affordable rate because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

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